A summary of the main events that have occurred every month in Bridport over the years. (please do check with the TiC before attending incase there havebeen any changes to times and locations)


  1. Bridport Burns Night Supper: A celebration of Scottish culture with traditional Scottish music, poetry recitations, and a delicious Burns Night supper.


  1. Bridport Vegan Market: A vibrant market offering a wide range of vegan products, from food and drinks to skincare and clothing.
  2. Bridport Literary Festival: A gathering of renowned authors and book lovers, featuring talks, workshops, and book signings.


  1. Bridport Beer Festival: A popular event for beer enthusiasts, showcasing a variety of local and regional craft beers and ciders.


  1. Bridport Food Festival: A culinary extravaganza celebrating the vibrant food scene of Bridport, featuring local food producers, cooking demonstrations, and delicious tastings.


  1. Bridport May Day Celebrations: A traditional celebration with maypole dancing, live music, craft stalls, and a lively procession through the town.


  1. Bridport Food and Drink Festival: A week-long celebration of food and drink, featuring a farmers’ market, cooking demonstrations, tastings, and live entertainment.


  1. Bridport Carnival: A colorful and lively procession through the streets of Bridport, featuring elaborate floats, music, and dancing.
  2. Jurassic Fields Music Festival (14, 15 & 16 July 2023


  1. Bridport Folk Festival: A weekend of folk music and dancing, with performances by local and national artists, workshops, and ceilidhs.


  1. Bridport Hat Festival: A unique and quirky event where participants don creative and eccentric hats, featuring hat competitions, live music, and a grand hat parade.


  1. Bridport Literary Festival: A second edition of the literary festival, with a lineup of esteemed authors, book signings, and engaging discussions.


  1. Bridport Christmas Cheer: The town gets into the festive spirit with a Christmas market, live music, entertainment, and the switching on of the Christmas lights.


  1. Bridport Late Night Shopping: An evening of festive shopping, with many shops staying open late, offering special discounts, and creating a joyful atmosphere.

Please note that specific dates for some events may vary each year, so it’s advisable to check the local tourist information centre located in BuckyDoo Square for accurate scheduling information.